Not sure why, but I am drawn to these tablet desk chairs.  Thought they were pretty cool in high school, guess it seemed more grown up than a typical desk.  Anyway, seems most of these are super sturdy solid oak and likely will last forever.  I've yet to see one that was loose or wobbly.  I have two of these, but am keeping one for myself.  My grandchildren think it's pretty cool to have a place where they can sit and draw and color.

I decided Annie Sloan's Antibes Green was the color for this.  I painted a thin coat on and distressed a fair amount to allow the rich wood to show through.  I wanted it to look well worn but in a natural wear pattern.  A clear wax was applied then a dark wax glaze just to add to the aged look.  

More pictures are below, including the before.  Be sure to click on each to enlarge.  Some close ups show the texture from the aging finish, slight alligatoring which I love!  This piece was actually finished near the end of June.  Don't know how I skipped it on here.  Guess I need a memory upgrade!

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