Wow, cannot believe I forgot to post the pics from Derby Day.  I had a booth in Williamstown KY.  Will have another at the Marigold Festival, same town in Sept.  Anyway, wanted to have mostly smaller items so people could easily carry them back to their cars.  This is some of things I had available and are now at my booth.  Not a lot of buyers, and I understand, who wants to lug stuff back to the car in the heat.

Lots of bread boxes, signs, chalk boards, re-used kitchen cabinet doors made into awesome pictures to hand or stand on your mantel etc.  Demilune tables, and more. 

Be sure to click each pic to see nice and BIG!

6/15/2012 10:03:52 am

I just wanted to say that these are so awesome!! I just aqcuired 600 (yes, 600) cabinet doors and have lots of ideas, but your pictures have inspired me the most! We must have similar taste because these really 'float my boat' Thanks for sharing!!


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