This is a collection of kitchen tools that I've been gathering.  Some were actually my grandma's, and some were just "like" my grandma's so I had to buy them.  The wood box I got at a yard sale on my street for $1.00.  I thought it made a great way to display my favorite stuff. 

So this is now hanging on my kitchen wall and it makes me smile every time I look at it.  The little milk bottle on the bottom left is exactly like the ones we used to drink out of at St. Agnes School in Bond Hill (Cincinnati) OH.  Our cafeteria was in the basement and to tell you the truth, I really don't recall broken bottles being a frequent occurrence. 

The meat grinder was something my mom used to make homemade ham salad.   Made with actual ham, not all the lunch meat leftovers.  It was so good!  I remember mom putting folded layers of newspaper under the clamp so the table wouldn't get dented from using the grinder. 

Mom used the egg beater ALL the time when making scrambled eggs for the family.  It was a treat to us when she would dice up SPAM and brown it and add that to the eggs.  Good times.

The nut grinder with the red lid near center bottom was something we used mostly at Christmas.  Mom baked dozens and dozens of cookies as gifts for neighbors and teachers.  It all began with the kids sitting around the kitchen table cracking walnuts by the bagful.  Then many got ground up for the Russian Teacakes and other kinds.  I love how evenly it grinds the nuts and use it even now.

Anyone else recall the green handled knife sharpener?  This replicates the one we had, that my mom's dad handmade.  Ours was just on a plain wood handle.  But the process was the same, draw the knife over the washers to sharpen.  I have a more modern version, and it really works.  It's all I use and takes very little space in the drawer.

The pastry blender brings back many fond memories of mom making homemade pie crusts.  I have one I use as this one is too rusted.  I use it for mashing avocado, making egg salad, cutting in shortening for biscuits and more.  Guess it's obvious, I LOVE old kitchen gadgets!

Randy Bowles
3/21/2017 10:48:38 pm

I loved the photo of your kitchen gadget arrangement, and I enjoyed reading your story. I'm getting ready to publish a similar (but not copycat) story on my wordpress blog. I threw away almost all of the good old gadgets Mom gave me when I moved out on my own. Now, I'm trying to buy them back! Hopefully our stories will inspire other folks....


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