I love this unique table and knew when I saw it at the flea market, it would come home with me.  And it did.  In trying to get PURPLE out of my system, I knew this piece would be purple.   in fact, I used my newest Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Emile.  It's such a luscious shade of purple!  It reminds me of spring flowers, Easter, and more.  Some of my favorite flowers this time of year are hyacinths, lilacs, crocus and tulips. 

I painted this with Emile, and then darkened a small amount with Graphite and applied just around the edges, rings, bands and small places.  Then I mixed some Emile with a bit of Old White for a lighter shade and this was applied to all the places having the darker shade, but in a dry brush technique.

After a light amount of distressing, I then applied a coat of wax glaze that was mostly clear with some dark brown.  For the final coat on the table top surfaces, I used clear wax only.   This was buffed for a nice satin sheen. 

I love how this sweet table turned out.  Can't you picture this in front of a window with plants on each of the three tiers?  I can, and in my purple obsessed brain, the plants would likely be various shades of purple violets!  Yes, I need an intervention!  :)

Be sure to click on each picture to fully experience the profusion of purple deliciousness!  (is that even a word?)

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