The booth is located inside Main Street Treasure's, 1103 N. Mains St. Williamstown KY.  I'm along the back wall.  This place is an older building and waaaay back in the day used to be a roller rink!  There is no air conditioning in the building so it's a wee bit warm these days.  Ok, it's really hot!  I'm just being upfront.  I feel like I'm off to a good start.  I like this location and it's super handy for me.  There are some really drool worthy antiques elsewhere at this location too.  If you're local, you need to come check this place out! 

I know it looks like lean pickin's at my booth, and it's true.  That's because I only decided last week to actually move forward with my dream, rather than continue talking about it.  I've been collecting furniture pieces since spring and have been talking it up, but that was about it.  Then I discovered this place, was soon to  reopened under knew management.  It looked very promising.  I was excited, but still didn't set a specific date.  Then when I found out their opening day was July 23, I knew I had to act.  This date will always be special to my heart because it is my son Patrick's birthday.  He would have been 29 today.  It's been a year and a half now, and our family misses him bunches.  So in honor of "PAT", I took the plunge and quit procrastinating!.

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