I'm lazy today and just copy and pasted what I wrote in my weekly column about this piece.  In case you didn't know, I write a weekly column at kyforward.com in the Business section under "Smart Money".  My column is called Norma Oliver's Furniture Rescue.  You can do a search there to find all of them I've written.  These are published online every Thursday.  So here it is below:

This is a classic Duncan Phyfe drum table, with a nice little drawer. It was in pretty bad shape when I bought it, sturdy but ugly. There were quite a few unsightly water marks on the top as well. It is so exciting to find these pathetic and neglected pieces because I “get to” give them a complete makeover.

So the fun began with giving the whole piece a base coat of white. Because this likely was mahogany which has a tendency to bleed though the best of paints, I did give the top a coat of Zinsser Shellac along with the inside of the drawer. Drawers often have yucky weird stains from pens etc. and you just can’t paint them without bleed through. The shellac is fast drying and does the job.

Next the whole table got a coat of Annie Sloan’s newest color, Florence. I’ve used it on several other pieces and this is very popular color. With fall being so close, I was in the mood to bring a bit of the season in by stenciling the top with a fall like color. Using four different leaf stencils, I arranged them around the perimeter of the table. Emperor’s Silk which is a vivid red, compliments the rich turquoise base color, also giving that taste of fall.

Since this piece was in such a shabby condition, I knew I wanted to distress it….a lot! I wanted not only the white base coat to show through, but a decent portion of the deep mahogany as well. Sanding was done over the leaf stenciling also, tying in the overall aged and worn appearance.

The inside of the drawer has fresh white on the sides with the bottom painted red. A durable satin finish completes this beautiful table for your home. These rich colors will brighten any room, office or dorm. This piece will be available at the Georgetown KY location inside Peddler’s Mall.

Enjoy the pictures below, click to enlarge them.

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