OK, go ahead and laugh.  I know, I don't post in this blog for long periods of time, and now I'm going overboard.  Just trying to make up for lost time, lol! 

I love reusing stuff.  When we incorporated an enclosed back porch as part of a new eating area of our kitchen, we had to replace the floor because we wanted to insulate under it and it wasn't sturdy.  BUT, I saved every piece of the barn red painted floor!  I have 3 boxes of these boards in the basement, I knew I could make signs and more out of them. ;)  Also was able to save just a few pieces of the original white siding, wish there had been more.  It was fun stenciling these for primitive style Christmas signs.  They're affordable too, from $7.99-9.99!  Some I painted the back of the raw wood, most right onto the shiny barn red paint.

I've been seeing these cool burlap banners folks have been making for Christmas so of course I had to make one for the booth too!  I love the simple, yet textured look of burlap and twine.  I wanted a kind of natural look for Christmas, but did add a few sparkles with some glittery white and green snowflakes that I hung under each letter of the banner.  Can't tell very well on the pics, but it looks better in person.  CLICK to enlarge the pics.

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