Picked up some old kitchen cabinet doors from a re-use place.  Knew they'd make fab chalk and cork boards!  Painted the frames with a mix of grey and light blue and a medium blue.  The chalkboard sold the same day I took it to the booth!  :)    The reverse side of the cork boards can be used for as a chalk board also.  And the hinges look really cool to use for hanging these up, as a pair or single.  The picture frame was your typical kind of boring gold so I painted some old white and distessed it.  Love how it turned out!  Pics can be clicked on to enlarge to see the detail.  Do it, looks much better that way!
7/12/2012 02:28:15 pm

Oh, it looks much better, great work!

8/15/2012 05:07:33 pm

It is so important that you use the old stuff that you had because you don't want them to occupy space in your house better to use them nice post.


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