Just in case some of you were not aware, I "get to" write a weekly column for a wonderful online publication kyforward.com.

They cover the Lexington KY and surrounding areas including Northern KY.  They have many interesting and informative articles.  It's so refreshing to read and learn things.  A breath of fresh air so to speak.  Not all the typical negative news with murders and robberies that can be such a downer if that's all the news you read.

Be sure to "like" kyforward.com's facebook page and sign up for the emails so you don't miss out on the good news out there.

If you go to the business section at the top of their page and look under "Our Smart Money" you'll see my name Norma Oliver and you can find in chronological order ALL my stories.  Another favorite contributer in that section is Gena Bigler, she always has practical advice.  Good stuff!

Below will LINK you to ALL my stories, work your way back and feel free to comment and share!


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