Did some crafty things for Christmas this year since $ was tight.   I enjoyed making these things and recycling things at the same time.  Someone I know from a "board" I frequent posted this fabulous link for making bags out of T-shirts, and to make it even sweeter, it was a NO-SEW project, so I knew I was in!   Had some T-shirts most of which had something neat on the front, if they didn't then I stenciled stuff on them, and of course stenciled their names on them as well.  ALL the grans got used books for Christmas!  Thankfully most love to read or be read to, and if not, this will help!  :)

My adult kids, they got crap/scrap wood. (aka recycled/upcycled)   Seriously.  2x4's, 1x1's, whatever.  Stenciled their names, two if they're a couple.  Everyone must have a name thingie, you know, so they know WHO they are.

Then I helped the grans in one family make a cool handprint plaque for their mom.  Scrap plywood.  Turned out pretty cute.

Below is the link to the NO-SEW bags!  Too clever, too easy!


Pictures of all of the above below:  (click on each to enlarge)

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