I put this off for a year.  It was a very hard thing to do, but now it is done and I am satisfied.  In a way, it was even therapeutic for me.  I began Norma's Kentiques a year ago, on Patrick's birthday and you can read more about it here below:

Memorial Page for Patrick

9/3/2012 03:50:57 am

Thank you Norma for sharing your heart-wrenching story. I am very sorry for your loss and your family's grief. Writing the memorial page I'm sure was very therapuetic for you, and part of a grieving process that will continue. You are a brave mom. Prayers and hugs to you!

Norma Oliver
9/9/2012 02:45:03 am

Thank you for commenting Carrie. It was and is therapeutic. Yes, grieving is an ongoing process and will be, forever. We all miss him so much and of course forever will. I really do appreciate the hugs and prayers, more than you know. :)


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