The lil' table I found at the first annual U.S. 25 Yard Sale which was in KY only this year.  I just loved the legs on this sweetie so I had to have it.  Wasn't too crazy about the top but knew I could work with it.  I decided Annie Sloan's Coco and Emperor's Silk Chalk Paint were the two colors for this.  So that's what I did.

The outer edge/rim on the table top was easy to paint since the middle was raised a smidge.  I wanted the bold red of Emperor's Silk on the legs.  I decided not to use a dark wax or stain, just let it go as bold as it is.  I did however distress it with a wet wash cloth which gave it a fabulous chippy look that made me smile.

The top seemed to dull so I of course stenciled it.  I love stencils anyway and they had such interest to an otherwise boring surface.  A lovely satin finish completed this.  Enjoy the pics and feel free to share or comment.

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7/20/2016 11:36:20 am

Goodness, that is beautiful. I love Emperor's Silk and Coco.


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