Yup, you read that right.  I wanted to do something crazy on the shelf.  The fall colors and wind were inspiring me and I so I went a little crazy!  This is a neat little shelf could sit on the floor or atop a piece of furniture.  You decide.  I chose a bunch of fall colors and literally just slapped em' on here and there randomly.  I love the "freestyle"!  Sometime ya just gotta go with your crazy side.

The next piece is an antique baby buggy I got at the Springfiled OH flea market in Sept.  It was missing the inside but that's not a problem.  My husband will cut a sturdy board to match the inside dimensions and add chain link and hooks on each corner so the height can be adjusted, shallow for a baby or deeper for toddler's.  This may get used for photos shoots with "Photographs by Amy Oliver", (my daughter) or I may/can use it in my booth to display and hold smaller items.

Anyway, they buggy's original color was a horrible dark and drab olive color and going with my shabby look, I decided to paint it in an intentional non-perfect style with Old White chalk paint.  I turned out fabulous and the color makes it suitable for all kinds of photo shoots and more.  I really love the appearance!

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