I knew I was behind, just didn't know that it was this far behind!  Yikes where does the time go?
The pictures below are from three projects I completed toward the end of April.  Hope you like em'!

Leather top orange table, Yellow drum table, and a Duck Egg Blue washstand.

The orange table is the first time that I used the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color Barcelona Orange.  It's such a bold color and I didn't want it on just any piece.  It has a coat of clear and then dark wax to tone it down some.   This vintage leather top table was a perfect candidate for this.  I knew I wanted to leave the brown leather top as is, other than applying some clear and dark waxes to make sure it's protected from daily use.  I love how it has the gold embossed border around the edges.  So cool! 

The next piece was a drum style table and this too was the first time I used another new color in the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint collection.  It's Arles which is a golden yellow.  I also used some of Annie's Country Grey which is actually more like a deep cream color.  The two colors paired well together.  This was finished with a coat of clear wax and then dark.

The last piece I did was an adorable little washstand done in Annie's Duck Egg Blue and Old White.   I used a new stencil I love on the top and on the shelf below done in Old White.  I think it turned out amazing and I can just see some pretty hand towels hanging on this sides along with a pitcher and basin to complete the look.  This was also finished with clear and dark wax.

Make sure to click on the pics to enlarge them to see all the detail.

Boy it was hot, and was gone 5 hours and only found 5 pieces.  :(  But that's better than nothin'.  One town was having a city wide yard sale, but it wasn't that great.  Not for finding furniture anyway.  The good thing about looking for furniture is that often you can tell by just driving by if they even have furniture.  That way you don't need to bother getting out or finding a parking place! ;) 

So after you look at the new stuff, please check out the last picture at the bottom and give me some advice, ideas, input, miracle cure, whatever it takes!  :)
Cute little wash stand!
Sweet little windsor rocker!
Solid, sturdy rocker.
Cute little plant stand or whatever table. ;)
I don't know why, but I love wall shelves. I can just see the potential to make it all purdy and everything.
Now this is where I could use some help!  I love this chippy ole' rocking chair, and have had it for awhile.  My dilemma is that I'm not sure what to do with it.  The paint continues to flake off fairly easy. Must have been white then painted black, and the wood that is exposed has weathered into a wonderful gray! But when it was in the house, it chipped all over the place!  The wood is in good shape and solid and the chair is sturdy and not loose at all.  Just the paint doesn't want to stay put, lol!

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