I TOLD you it was weird!  I wanted to experiment on this sturdy and primitive table.  I knew the colors I wanted to use and I knew the technique, just didn't know it was gonna end up looking like camouflage. 

I applied the paint super heavy and in blobs, drying each addition with a blow dryer to make it crackle somewhat.  The colors used were:  Annie Sloan's Greek Blue, Antibes Green, Florence, Louis Blue and a bit of Graphite. 

After it dried I had the great idea to apply a black wash stain to enhance the beautiful textures.  You will see that they showed up great.  However, after the final step, that part no longer exists, but I love how it ended up even better.

The final painting step was to repaint the legs in Pure White and then I diluted some of the Pure White with water and applied over all the camo colors.  Then using a wet washcloth, I wiped off till all the colors and textures were revealed.  AMAZING!!!  I was thrilled with how this turned out.  Satin finish completed this piece.  This is at my 2nd location at Country Hearts in Williamstown KY.

Enjoy the pics below and click on them to enlarge.  I think you're gonna like the close up detail showing the texture and even the black wash that ended up being covered with the white.

This was a sad looking Queen Anne style table the was overly yuckily glossy.  Yuckily is a word, right?  You'll see what I mean when you look at the "before" pic.

Amazing thing is I didn't have to sand or prime because I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paints.  I gave it a first coat using Country Grey, yeah the one that really doesn't look grey, more like a rich cream. 

The top is assorted stripes done without taping as I wanted the freehand imperfect look.  The colors used on the stripes:  Louis Blue, Old White, Paris Grey, Duck Egg Blue and Paloma (a purplish grey).  After doing the stripes, I used a wet sanding block to distress taking down to the Country Grey as well as to the original surface.  I wanted to give the illusion that these were individually painted boards across the top.

The legs and sides were dry brushed with Old White over the Country Grey.  Distressing done again with the wet sanding block.  A satin finish was applied overall. 

Also pictured below was a cute little sign made for a client. "Punkin' Patch" Simple, sweet and rustic.  Just what she wanted.  I also posted a few other signs that I have available.  I love signs.  Remember to click on each pic to enlarge.
Love how this pretty little thing turned out!  I painted this table/plant stand in Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint. Then I made a custom pink adding just a bit of Primer Red Chalk Paint to the Old White and gave it a second coat with that.  It's a very nice pink!  Then using the Old White, I stenciled a pretty cherry blossom stencil onto the top.  LOVE IT!  Next of course it was time to distress by sanding.

I then gave it a coat of clear wax and didn't get back to it till the next day!  Before buffing, gave it a coat of dark wax, paying attention that it hung in the crevices, nooks, and crannies.  After it dried, gave it a good buffing for that beautiful sheen!

Thought this would make a perfect Valentine gift for that special someone!  Whatever the case, after I took it to my booth at the Georgetown Ky Peddler's Mall, it was gone in less than a week!  :)
He thinks this is the best, loves the colors and the way the wax stain enhances this awesome little bedside table.  The close up pics really show it off well.  I guess I'm a little smitten with it as well.  ;)

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