Latest story on KYFORWARD.COM, and yes it involves purple.  Last time, for a bit.  Just had to get it out of my system.  Read about it below:

I told you I love purple! (Part 2)
I've had the table since last fall.  I never was quite sure what to do with it.  So until I KNOW, I don't do anything.  Finally, I KNEW.  I'd been itching to get my hands on some of Annie Sloan's "Emile", a luscious shade of purple!  When I went to a great Annie Sloan Chalk Paint workshop at my friend Liz Brantley's in Lexington, I bought a can, oh and a can of Country Grey and Coco. 

Rather than repeat all the details again here on how I achieved the crackle look, just read about it in the blog post before this, as it's all in the article published at KYFORWARD.COM.

Basically, heavy coat of Paloma first, the dry brushed Emile, a stencil, and dark wax glaze finish, with coat of clear wax on top for extra protection.  The stencil was done both on the top and on the bottom shelf.

Be sure to click on each picture to see it in all it's glory! :)  The before pic is the last.

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