I'm lazy today and just copy and pasted what I wrote in my weekly column about this piece.  In case you didn't know, I write a weekly column at kyforward.com in the Business section under "Smart Money".  My column is called Norma Oliver's Furniture Rescue.  You can do a search there to find all of them I've written.  These are published online every Thursday.  So here it is below:

This is a classic Duncan Phyfe drum table, with a nice little drawer. It was in pretty bad shape when I bought it, sturdy but ugly. There were quite a few unsightly water marks on the top as well. It is so exciting to find these pathetic and neglected pieces because I “get to” give them a complete makeover.

So the fun began with giving the whole piece a base coat of white. Because this likely was mahogany which has a tendency to bleed though the best of paints, I did give the top a coat of Zinsser Shellac along with the inside of the drawer. Drawers often have yucky weird stains from pens etc. and you just can’t paint them without bleed through. The shellac is fast drying and does the job.

Next the whole table got a coat of Annie Sloan’s newest color, Florence. I’ve used it on several other pieces and this is very popular color. With fall being so close, I was in the mood to bring a bit of the season in by stenciling the top with a fall like color. Using four different leaf stencils, I arranged them around the perimeter of the table. Emperor’s Silk which is a vivid red, compliments the rich turquoise base color, also giving that taste of fall.

Since this piece was in such a shabby condition, I knew I wanted to distress it….a lot! I wanted not only the white base coat to show through, but a decent portion of the deep mahogany as well. Sanding was done over the leaf stenciling also, tying in the overall aged and worn appearance.

The inside of the drawer has fresh white on the sides with the bottom painted red. A durable satin finish completes this beautiful table for your home. These rich colors will brighten any room, office or dorm. This piece will be available at the Georgetown KY location inside Peddler’s Mall.

Enjoy the pictures below, click to enlarge them.

My sister Kathy came over and wanted to search through my "hoarders stash" to see what I had that she might want.  Well, she found three things.  A heart shaped table I bought on an online auction and two pieces I found at yard sales.  She looked through my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint samples and chose the colors she wanted used on each piece.  It was fun doing it, but difficult also, cuz I had to do it the way she wanted and not the way I would have wanted.  That took some restraint as we have different styles and tastes.  So below are pictures of the pieces with lots of different shots and I have the before of two of the them. 

The heart shaped table was done in Duck Egg Blue with some of that color lightened to used for the stenciling done on it.  It was finished in clear and dark wax, no distressing.

The adorable teeny tiny table was done in Emperor's Silk and Greek Blue.  She didn't want any stencils or distressing. It was finished with same product on the shelf below. 

Lastly was a neat 5 tier shelf that she wanted for plants.  She wanted this done in Henrietta which is a pinkish purple and that was dry brushed with Pure White dry brushed over and I think it looks awesome.  I LOVE dry brushing!  I contacted Annie Sloan to see if she felt a wax finish would be sufficient for this since plants would be used on it and she said probably not.  While her waxes are awesome and pretty darn durable, and even water resistant they are not water proof.  So she recommended I use her lacquer but I didn't have any.  So instead I used a product I bought from Benjamin Moore called Stays Clear® Acrylic Polyurethane.

I will also show you a very SAD picture. 

I write a weekly column in http://www.kyforward.com/our-smart-money/2012/06/28/norma-oliver%E2%80%99s-furniture-rescue-two-more-pieces-for-my-sister/ .  I had just set up the last two pieces (previous week wrote about first piece) and staged them all pretty and all in the front yard.  I left them out there to dump the pictures onto my computer and select a few to sent to the editor with my story, when a heard a THUD!  I looked out in the yard and the beautiful 5 tier shelf had fallen over!  I ran out to survey the damage and the front portion of the second shelf had broken off and was hanging my a thread.  :(  I immediately glued it with wood glue and since it was a rather clean break, it went together pretty good.  You can barely see the crack but still...  I think the shelf is fully functional especially since the damage was done toward the front and she'd likely have a plant behind the crack.  Still made my heart sink. 

Anyway, enjoy the pictures and click on each to enlarge them.

The lastest article is one of the projects, the "beachy" rocker.  LOVE how it turned out!
HERE is the link below for Thursdays' article.
 Norma Oliver’s Furniture Rescue:
Rocker goes from ugly to beachy serene

You can read the story behind the "beachy" rocker on the link above, so I won't repeat it all.  It opens up on another page.  I will post the pictures for it though below along with the ones for the other project. 

I'm pleased with how the pretty victorian table turned out.  I've been wanting to do a piece with a stained top, but didn't really have one that would work well.  This particular little table had some type of finish added to the top that was bubbled so I had to sand it down.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a miracle paint that covers about everything, but if the finish is already compromised, it would not be smart to cover it up.

After sanding it down, the grain looked so nice I just decided to go with it and stained it walnut.  The darling curvy legs with ornate carvings I decided to paint with Annie's Country Grey.  It's actually not grey at all, more of a tan color.  I love the color, so warm and rich.  I also love that this little table has a sweet little finial to set it apart from other tables.   

After painting it, and the coat of clear wax to seal it, I applied the dark wax.  Love how that stuff clings to the crevices enhancing the detail!  I also applied 2 coats of the dark wax over the walnut stained top.   

This had a bad sponge paint technique done to it.  BUT, I do rescue ugly furniture so....

I love the beachy look of furniture and with the weather warming up, knew this was the piece to try it out on.
I painted a first coat of Annie Sloan Louis Blue, and yes it covered in ONE coat over the glossy sponge paint finish!

Then I applied Country Grey (the tan/sand color) on as a color wash. I just wanted a hint of the color to show through.  The last part was my favorite part.  Pure White was then painted on in the dry brush technique.  It ended up looking "BEACHY" just as I envisioned.  I can see this sitting on a beachfront cottage porch, overlooking the ocean.  I can almost feel the ocean breeze and smell that wonderful serene ocean air!  Can't you?

Enjoy the pictures below, be sure to click on each to see them full size!
That is the title of last weeks story.  I need to put this into practice pronto cuz items have been selling quickly and my booth is looking bare!  Good problem to have though, right?  So anyway, here is a link to the article from Thursday, March 22nd.


Right now I'm working on something red, white, and blue.  That's all I'm saying for now.  Stay tuned to see what it is. 

I'm also painting up smaller items for our local "Derby Day" coming up May 5th in Williamstown KY.  Look for my booth!

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Latest story on KYFORWARD.COM, and yes it involves purple.  Last time, for a bit.  Just had to get it out of my system.  Read about it below:

I told you I love purple! (Part 2)
I am so grateful to have this venue to share why I love doing what I love doing.  In this article, I shared how I got to where I am now, giving credit, where credit is due.  Read about Miss Mustard Seed and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!  Click below to read the story.  Feel free to comment on the story link so they know folks are reading it!  Thanks!
I can't believe I forgot to post about this!  I've been asked to write a weekly article about what I do, about rescuing furniture etc.  It's a local online news source, based out of Lexington KY.  I really like it because it has lots of news other than murders, robberies, and yucky stuff.  We can get that anywhere.  This place has lots of human interest stories and good news stories!  Gotta like that.  If you haven't liked it on fb yet, do so as well as signing up for the email newsletters.  Good stuff, seriously.

So, here is the link to my first article, published last week Thursday.  So look for me, each Thursday!  :)

Norma Oliver’s Furniture Rescue:
Dated but sturdy table worth saving, restoring

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