I've been dying to try Annie Sloan's Antibes Green so I did.  I've had this furniture bin that was likely used for a trash can holder, but I say it can be used for many other things as well.  Tater bin, laundry bin, even for pet food.  Anyway, I did mess with the color just a bet.  I LOVE the jade green found on kitchen things from the 30's/40's era so was striving for that.  So I added a bit of Greek Blue and Graphite from Annie's Chalk Paint and got it right on!  Perfect match and I love it. 

First I gave the bin a coat of Old White Chalk Paint, then the Antibes Green mix.  I sand it quite a bit (which is easy peasy with Annie's paint) so that it was not only distressed down to the wood in places that would normally wear, but also so a good bit of white showed through.  Then gave it a coat of clear wax.  I know, I know, you're "supposed" to clear wax and then sand, but for some reason, I prefer sanding and making a big ole' dusty mess first.  Then I tried a new technique with the dark wax making a dark glaze.  I've read about it several other places and HAD to try it because sometimes I end up using too much of the dark wax and don't care for the look on everything.

SO.... I mixed the dark wax with mineral spirits, probably a ratio of 4 parts mineral spirits to 1 part dark wax.  Brushes on awesomely, but if I do this again will use a bit more wax.  I brushed it on and then wiped it off with an old piece of T-shirt, but it took too much off, because it needed more wax.    It's all good, I'm learning this new way and really like it.  So since it was watery, I brushed it on and let it set for 15 min or so, then wiped it down.  It worked well.  Some places I added a bit more, but like I said, when I do this again, I'll change the ratio a bit so it's thicker.  MUCH easier to work with!  After wiping it down to the look I wanted, I let it dry for about 10-12 hrs and then buffed.  Beautiful satiny sheen, perfecto!

Check out the pics to show how it turned out.  I love this piece but alas, it's at my booth in Georgetown Peddler's Mall, KY.  :)

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