Re-purposed some cool junk to give our yard a makeover!  We have two sugar maples planted on either side of the sidewalk leading to the front porch.  I've wanted to have some balance so have two things by each tree.  One thing is an old metal wagon wheel rusty with some of the original red paint on it.  In front of the I have an old rocking chair that was in my husbands family.  It had too many things wrong with it to make it safe to sit in, so I knew it was destined to be an awesome planter holder!  It was painted a glossy black which wouldn't stand out, so I first dry brushed some Annie Sloan Arles over it, but not too good!  Then over that some Old White was dry brushed over it.  I LOVE IT!  I left enough of the black showing in the curves and crevices to give it an old layered look.

On the other side of the yard I used an old grey gate we had that really couldn't be used anywhere, so I leaned it against the tree, AFTER dry brushing it with Old White to give it a white washed worn look.  Success!  In the basement was an old galvanized laundry tub, which also was destined to be a fabulous planter.  I did use some Greek Blue and Primer Red and a bit of Old White Stenciling to give it an American look.  I did not tape it off, I wanted it to be rough and imperfect.

The latest project for the booth is a nightstand, painted in Louis Blue with a dry brush done in Coco.  LOVE how it makes the brush strokes show up and any imperfections and texture.  Just a clear wax was applied to give it a soft glow.

Enjoy all the pictures below!  I've included the before pics as well, and as always, feel free to share this on fb or your blog, just let folks know these are Norma's Kentiques creations. ;)

Be sure to click on each pic to see it full size!

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