I'm lazy today and just copy and pasted what I wrote in my weekly column about this piece.  In case you didn't know, I write a weekly column at kyforward.com in the Business section under "Smart Money".  My column is called Norma Oliver's Furniture Rescue.  You can do a search there to find all of them I've written.  These are published online every Thursday.  So here it is below:

This is a classic Duncan Phyfe drum table, with a nice little drawer. It was in pretty bad shape when I bought it, sturdy but ugly. There were quite a few unsightly water marks on the top as well. It is so exciting to find these pathetic and neglected pieces because I “get to” give them a complete makeover.

So the fun began with giving the whole piece a base coat of white. Because this likely was mahogany which has a tendency to bleed though the best of paints, I did give the top a coat of Zinsser Shellac along with the inside of the drawer. Drawers often have yucky weird stains from pens etc. and you just can’t paint them without bleed through. The shellac is fast drying and does the job.

Next the whole table got a coat of Annie Sloan’s newest color, Florence. I’ve used it on several other pieces and this is very popular color. With fall being so close, I was in the mood to bring a bit of the season in by stenciling the top with a fall like color. Using four different leaf stencils, I arranged them around the perimeter of the table. Emperor’s Silk which is a vivid red, compliments the rich turquoise base color, also giving that taste of fall.

Since this piece was in such a shabby condition, I knew I wanted to distress it….a lot! I wanted not only the white base coat to show through, but a decent portion of the deep mahogany as well. Sanding was done over the leaf stenciling also, tying in the overall aged and worn appearance.

The inside of the drawer has fresh white on the sides with the bottom painted red. A durable satin finish completes this beautiful table for your home. These rich colors will brighten any room, office or dorm. This piece will be available at the Georgetown KY location inside Peddler’s Mall.

Enjoy the pictures below, click to enlarge them.

I TOLD you it was weird!  I wanted to experiment on this sturdy and primitive table.  I knew the colors I wanted to use and I knew the technique, just didn't know it was gonna end up looking like camouflage. 

I applied the paint super heavy and in blobs, drying each addition with a blow dryer to make it crackle somewhat.  The colors used were:  Annie Sloan's Greek Blue, Antibes Green, Florence, Louis Blue and a bit of Graphite. 

After it dried I had the great idea to apply a black wash stain to enhance the beautiful textures.  You will see that they showed up great.  However, after the final step, that part no longer exists, but I love how it ended up even better.

The final painting step was to repaint the legs in Pure White and then I diluted some of the Pure White with water and applied over all the camo colors.  Then using a wet washcloth, I wiped off till all the colors and textures were revealed.  AMAZING!!!  I was thrilled with how this turned out.  Satin finish completed this piece.  This is at my 2nd location at Country Hearts in Williamstown KY.

Enjoy the pics below and click on them to enlarge.  I think you're gonna like the close up detail showing the texture and even the black wash that ended up being covered with the white.

This was a sad looking Queen Anne style table the was overly yuckily glossy.  Yuckily is a word, right?  You'll see what I mean when you look at the "before" pic.

Amazing thing is I didn't have to sand or prime because I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paints.  I gave it a first coat using Country Grey, yeah the one that really doesn't look grey, more like a rich cream. 

The top is assorted stripes done without taping as I wanted the freehand imperfect look.  The colors used on the stripes:  Louis Blue, Old White, Paris Grey, Duck Egg Blue and Paloma (a purplish grey).  After doing the stripes, I used a wet sanding block to distress taking down to the Country Grey as well as to the original surface.  I wanted to give the illusion that these were individually painted boards across the top.

The legs and sides were dry brushed with Old White over the Country Grey.  Distressing done again with the wet sanding block.  A satin finish was applied overall. 

Also pictured below was a cute little sign made for a client. "Punkin' Patch" Simple, sweet and rustic.  Just what she wanted.  I also posted a few other signs that I have available.  I love signs.  Remember to click on each pic to enlarge.
I've had a booth at the Peddler's Mall in Georgetown KY since October 1st, 2011.  I love this particular Peddler's Mall, it's filled with TONS of furniture.  Shabby Chic, Primitive, Antiques and more.  Some Peddler's seem to have more of a flea market flavor but this one is different, and has more of the things I prefer.  I believe it's a perfect fit for the types of accent furniture and other things I have to offer.

However, NOW I also have a space at my friend Storme Vanover's store in my hometown.  It's on the main street in downtown Williamstown KY at her store called Country Heart Crafts and Supplies.  Click on it to go to her fb page.  She also has a website, which is here.

Be sure to check out both locations and if you go to my fb page, Norma's Kentiques and check my albums, I have on for each location show what is available and where. 

Below are some pics from both locations.  The one with pink walls and the rug is the large booth at Peddler's.

The first ones are showing inside Country Hearts Crafts and Supplies in Williamstown KY.

The lil' table I found at the first annual U.S. 25 Yard Sale which was in KY only this year.  I just loved the legs on this sweetie so I had to have it.  Wasn't too crazy about the top but knew I could work with it.  I decided Annie Sloan's Coco and Emperor's Silk Chalk Paint were the two colors for this.  So that's what I did.

The outer edge/rim on the table top was easy to paint since the middle was raised a smidge.  I wanted the bold red of Emperor's Silk on the legs.  I decided not to use a dark wax or stain, just let it go as bold as it is.  I did however distress it with a wet wash cloth which gave it a fabulous chippy look that made me smile.

The top seemed to dull so I of course stenciled it.  I love stencils anyway and they had such interest to an otherwise boring surface.  A lovely satin finish completed this.  Enjoy the pics and feel free to share or comment.

Click on pics to enlarge.

This is one of my favorite tables EVER!  The style is just gorgeous.  I love the legs and even though this was a sad looking piece when I found it, I KNEW there was great potential.

Much of the veneer was peeling off, so I just took the remainder off and gave the top a good sanding.  I wanted to stain it a rich dark brown.

The legs, all six, got two coats of Annie Sloan's newest color, Florence.  This is a wonderful rich turquoise color.  A brown water based wash was given over the legs to give it some definition and aging.  A lovely stencil was applied to the richly stained top in the same wonderful Florence color. 

The whole table was finished in a durable silky finish.

Still catching up, so behind on posts and pictures of recent projects!  Yes, I'm a pathetic slacker, lol! 

I had a plain small brown table (again no before pics) that was once one of those tables that had a lamp come out of it.  When I bought it, there was no lamp, just a small pencil size hole for the cord, so of course what got filled with wood putty.  Annie Sloan Coco Chalk Paint was the color of choice, a nice yummy looking hot cocoa like color!  For the top, a neat stencil of several clock faces was done with Graphite Chalk Paint.  It was just the touch needed for this table. The finishing touch was a durable satin.

Another table done recently was a rather unique square jute topped inset table.  I loved the jute and wanted to leave as it was, but it had some paint spots and stains.  So I ended up painting the whole thing in a vibrant Annie Sloan Greek Blue.  For a little pizazz, I dry brush/streaked a diluted ebony water based stain.  Also used the ebony for the stencil in the middle of the table.  The satin finish added a protective coat overall, even the jute.  It's a really cool looking table, would be great for a kids room or a dorm.

Lastly is this old metal stool.  Love these things.  Don't have the before picture, but it was painted a flat primer red.  I wanted this to look really old, authentically old and beat up.  The first coat was splotches of Annie Sloan Antibes Green applied haphazardly overall.  Then a coat of Annie Sloan Old White was added covering most of this stool.  Then the fun began.  Using sandpaper, the distressing was done here, there, and everywhere.  I took the various colors down to the primer red and beyond to even some yellow that was under the red! 

Of course the colors still looked to fresh and new.  To age this metal stool and wash of brown stain was added and then wiped off somewhat.  It clung in the crevices and worked beautifully in the aging process.  Finally, a coat of Varathane Satin was applied for protection and sheen.

Who doesn't love and need storage boxes?  I found a few and painted each of them in different ways.  One was painted in Annie Sloan Henrietta Chalk Paint with a Pure White Stencil.  Another (my favorite) was painted in Annie Sloan Primer Red with a bit of Country Grey dry brushed over.  The word JUNK was stenciled on with a bit more paint added to give the letters a shadow look.  The last one a close favorite was painted with Annie Sloan Florence, a vibrant turquoise color with Pure White dry brushed over.  The word STUFF was stenciled, again with the shadowing done to the letters. A durable satin finish was applied to all.

The red table shines with Annie Sloan Emperor's Silk (red) and Paris Gray inside.  A diluted black water based stain was used as a wash over the red and also used for the stenciling.  A durable satin finish completed it.  Sorry, I don't have a "before" pic of it.  Think plai

Enjoy the pics, each can be clicked to enlarge.  Feel free to share.

I don't think I have a before of this chair, it was just, well, brown.  Pretty boring but loved the woven seat.  I painted the wood parts of it in Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint.  The woven seat was painted in Annie Sloan Country Grey (which is more like a creamy beige) and then I did a wheat stencil on the seat in white. 

After distressing, I used a water based stain wash over the wood parts and the finish is Varathane Satin.  It turned out pretty nice and think it would look good just about anywhere.  At a desk, in an eclectic mix around a table, or just alone perhaps in a bedroom.  The color is neutral enough to go anywhere.  It's comfy too.

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