The lastest article is one of the projects, the "beachy" rocker.  LOVE how it turned out!
HERE is the link below for Thursdays' article.
 Norma Oliver’s Furniture Rescue:
Rocker goes from ugly to beachy serene

You can read the story behind the "beachy" rocker on the link above, so I won't repeat it all.  It opens up on another page.  I will post the pictures for it though below along with the ones for the other project. 

I'm pleased with how the pretty victorian table turned out.  I've been wanting to do a piece with a stained top, but didn't really have one that would work well.  This particular little table had some type of finish added to the top that was bubbled so I had to sand it down.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a miracle paint that covers about everything, but if the finish is already compromised, it would not be smart to cover it up.

After sanding it down, the grain looked so nice I just decided to go with it and stained it walnut.  The darling curvy legs with ornate carvings I decided to paint with Annie's Country Grey.  It's actually not grey at all, more of a tan color.  I love the color, so warm and rich.  I also love that this little table has a sweet little finial to set it apart from other tables.   

After painting it, and the coat of clear wax to seal it, I applied the dark wax.  Love how that stuff clings to the crevices enhancing the detail!  I also applied 2 coats of the dark wax over the walnut stained top.   

This had a bad sponge paint technique done to it.  BUT, I do rescue ugly furniture so....

I love the beachy look of furniture and with the weather warming up, knew this was the piece to try it out on.
I painted a first coat of Annie Sloan Louis Blue, and yes it covered in ONE coat over the glossy sponge paint finish!

Then I applied Country Grey (the tan/sand color) on as a color wash. I just wanted a hint of the color to show through.  The last part was my favorite part.  Pure White was then painted on in the dry brush technique.  It ended up looking "BEACHY" just as I envisioned.  I can see this sitting on a beachfront cottage porch, overlooking the ocean.  I can almost feel the ocean breeze and smell that wonderful serene ocean air!  Can't you?

Enjoy the pictures below, be sure to click on each to see them full size!

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