This is the article that came out today in my weekly "Norma Oliver's Furniture Rescue"  Click below to read it.

Norma Oliver’s Furniture Rescue: Small,
stained table now a red, white and blue gem

This was a fun table to do.  The details on how I did it are all in the article link above so I won't repeat it all.  Below are lots of pictures of it.  Including of course the ugly before, then one with it painted but not yet distressed or waxed.  Then a bunch of others.  I don't know about you, but I like lots of different shots of a piece of furniture, especially close ups!  Be sure to click on each to nice and big.

This is now available at my booth inside the far left side of the Georgetown Peddler's Mall, KY, and price is $55.

That is the title of last weeks story.  I need to put this into practice pronto cuz items have been selling quickly and my booth is looking bare!  Good problem to have though, right?  So anyway, here is a link to the article from Thursday, March 22nd.


Right now I'm working on something red, white, and blue.  That's all I'm saying for now.  Stay tuned to see what it is. 

I'm also painting up smaller items for our local "Derby Day" coming up May 5th in Williamstown KY.  Look for my booth!

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I love this unique table and knew when I saw it at the flea market, it would come home with me.  And it did.  In trying to get PURPLE out of my system, I knew this piece would be purple.   in fact, I used my newest Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Emile.  It's such a luscious shade of purple!  It reminds me of spring flowers, Easter, and more.  Some of my favorite flowers this time of year are hyacinths, lilacs, crocus and tulips. 

I painted this with Emile, and then darkened a small amount with Graphite and applied just around the edges, rings, bands and small places.  Then I mixed some Emile with a bit of Old White for a lighter shade and this was applied to all the places having the darker shade, but in a dry brush technique.

After a light amount of distressing, I then applied a coat of wax glaze that was mostly clear with some dark brown.  For the final coat on the table top surfaces, I used clear wax only.   This was buffed for a nice satin sheen. 

I love how this sweet table turned out.  Can't you picture this in front of a window with plants on each of the three tiers?  I can, and in my purple obsessed brain, the plants would likely be various shades of purple violets!  Yes, I need an intervention!  :)

Be sure to click on each picture to fully experience the profusion of purple deliciousness!  (is that even a word?)
Latest story on KYFORWARD.COM, and yes it involves purple.  Last time, for a bit.  Just had to get it out of my system.  Read about it below:

I told you I love purple! (Part 2)
I've had the table since last fall.  I never was quite sure what to do with it.  So until I KNOW, I don't do anything.  Finally, I KNEW.  I'd been itching to get my hands on some of Annie Sloan's "Emile", a luscious shade of purple!  When I went to a great Annie Sloan Chalk Paint workshop at my friend Liz Brantley's in Lexington, I bought a can, oh and a can of Country Grey and Coco. 

Rather than repeat all the details again here on how I achieved the crackle look, just read about it in the blog post before this, as it's all in the article published at KYFORWARD.COM.

Basically, heavy coat of Paloma first, the dry brushed Emile, a stencil, and dark wax glaze finish, with coat of clear wax on top for extra protection.  The stencil was done both on the top and on the bottom shelf.

Be sure to click on each picture to see it in all it's glory! :)  The before pic is the last.

I'm known to have a passion for purple.  It's my favorite color and I will not apologize for it.  I've even gone crazy with the color in a half bath.  I couldn't just pick one shade or even two in the purple family, so I pretty much went with about five!  Yes, really.  One wall is a solid pastel shade but the other three have a faux look that combines, sponging, ragging, splotching (that is a technique is it not?) and a muted fuzzed out kind of look using something called the "Wooly".  YES!  I succeeded in incorporating many shades of purple altogether.  I LOVE IT!  The trim and vanity is white.  I call it the "Purple Passion Potty Room" and my kids think I've lost it. 

OOPS, this was supposed to be about my recent article that came out today.  So below, is the link to it.  I love KYFORWARD.COM for allowing me to express myself and share about what I do.  Enjoy!

Norma Oliver’s Furniture Rescue:
I told you I love purple!

This article is mostly about the plentiful virtues of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Feel free to read and share on fb or your blog.  If you're local, be sure to look up my friend Liz about buying paint or attending her fabulous workshops! 

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Norma Oliver’s Furniture Rescue:
Learning New Techniques is a Blast!

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