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Anyway, go ahead and read the 3rd aticle I've written for a fabulous online publication based out of Lexington KY via KYFORWARD.COM!

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Norma Oliver’s Furniture Rescue:
Finding the stuff is half the fun!

I do, and I just went to this one.  You should too.  Link one of your creations to share with folks.

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I knew just how I wanted this desk to look!  Had it pictured in my mind for quite awhile.  It did take longer than I thought, but mission accomplished!  This is a super sturdy desk and is finished on all sides, so it doesn't have to be placed against a wall!  You can be proud to have this sit out in an open space.

I just took this  desk to my booth at the Georgetown Peddler's Mall located inside on far left.  This was painted using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  First everything was painted using Greek Blue, then Graphite on edges and trim.  I distressed the trim using a wet rag so the blue shows through.  Then I made a Graphite color wash that was applied and wiped off the Greek Blue.  That toned the brightness of this blue color down considerably.  This desk has  finished front and back so it doesn't have to be placed against a wall.  I used Polycrylic on the drawers, front,  back,  and sides, with a clear wax on top.  This is a steal at $195.00.

Pictures below can each be clicked on to enlarge.  The before picture is last.
I love how it turned out, and love the colors.  I painted this in Annie Sloan's Old White and Louis Blue.  It is finished with clear and dark wax, hand buffed for a nice sheen.  Oh, and a few stencils on top so it wasn't so plain since the side edges are fancy and the legs are all prettied up!
This measures 20 1/2" square by 16 1/2" high.  Price is $55
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Surely I'm not the only one.  I am so far behind and have so much stuff that needs to be painted and yet.....
I tell myself I'll just look at it and see what's going on.  Unbelievable how much time goes by!  I'm so afraid I'm missing out.  Afraid I'll miss so and so's next new piece of furniture they painted.  It's getting out.of.control.

I love when I see blog links shared on fb and so I click on them, to look at "later" and next thing ya know, I've a zillion browsers up with blogs and stuff to check out, AFTER I finish scrolling through all the new fb page posts.  i like to see the blogs cuz then I can "pin" right from the source.  It's INSANITY I tell ya! 

Meanwhile, stuff is selling well out of my booth at the Georgetown Peddler's Mall in KY.  So much so it's looking BARREN!  Which is why I should be painting, not facebooking, pinning, reading a plethora of blogs about folks who are actually painting and accomplishing something.  Ok, I shouldn't even be here, right now, blogging.

Is there any hope for me? 

I am so grateful to have this venue to share why I love doing what I love doing.  In this article, I shared how I got to where I am now, giving credit, where credit is due.  Read about Miss Mustard Seed and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!  Click below to read the story.  Feel free to comment on the story link so they know folks are reading it!  Thanks!
This color chart shows the colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  While I don't have all the colors, I do have a good number of them and my collection is ever growing.  Plus, it's a blast to custom mix my own colors!

You can also go HERE to see a full page showing the colors.  There has been one new one color that isn't on the chart yet.  It is Antoinette, a beautiful pastel pink.

I can't believe I forgot to post about this!  I've been asked to write a weekly article about what I do, about rescuing furniture etc.  It's a local online news source, based out of Lexington KY.  I really like it because it has lots of news other than murders, robberies, and yucky stuff.  We can get that anywhere.  This place has lots of human interest stories and good news stories!  Gotta like that.  If you haven't liked it on fb yet, do so as well as signing up for the email newsletters.  Good stuff, seriously.

So, here is the link to my first article, published last week Thursday.  So look for me, each Thursday!  :)

Norma Oliver’s Furniture Rescue:
Dated but sturdy table worth saving, restoring

Addicts (not so) Anonymous Link Party


Some neat entries.   These are so fun to visit.

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