I'm known to have a passion for purple.  It's my favorite color and I will not apologize for it.  I've even gone crazy with the color in a half bath.  I couldn't just pick one shade or even two in the purple family, so I pretty much went with about five!  Yes, really.  One wall is a solid pastel shade but the other three have a faux look that combines, sponging, ragging, splotching (that is a technique is it not?) and a muted fuzzed out kind of look using something called the "Wooly".  YES!  I succeeded in incorporating many shades of purple altogether.  I LOVE IT!  The trim and vanity is white.  I call it the "Purple Passion Potty Room" and my kids think I've lost it. 

OOPS, this was supposed to be about my recent article that came out today.  So below, is the link to it.  I love KYFORWARD.COM for allowing me to express myself and share about what I do.  Enjoy!

Norma Oliver’s Furniture Rescue:
I told you I love purple!

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