I finally got my hands on some of the newest color in the Annie Sloan Paint line, "Florence".  It's a bright and rich turquoisey color.  So two of the pieces below have this color used, one almost totally.  I love this color, so rich and vibrant!

The first piece is a simple end table or nightstand.  It's painted in Florence and a very cool stencil was used in Pure White. Clear wax only was used to finish this.   Love this piece, and someone else must have too as it's already been sold from my booth at the Peddler's Mall in Georgetown KY.  :)  It went fast!

The second piece is......well I don't know what it is.  I saw this at a flea market and simply HAD to buy it because it was so unique and solidl and obviously handmade.  It's smaller than it seems and I decided this thing would make a great storage piece for crafts/hobbies.  I knew I wanted to use Florence on this piece also along with some other really bright colors in the Annie Sloan line, so I used Arles, Barcelona Orange and Emperor's Silk.  My goal was to have something bright and cheerful and look like a Mexican Country style.  I think the colors look great with each other, but you tell me what you think.  I used clear and a dark wax glaze to finish.

The last one, my most recent, is a sweet little nightstand.  I've had the colors yellow and purple on my brain for quite some time.  Purple though, is actually always on my mind as I'm obsessed with all things purple.  This thing was UGLY before.  Not sure what the original color was, I think white, but then someone had the not so brilliant idea to spray paint this in a hideous color that was a mix between mahogany and maroon and waaay too shiny.   Whatever was used was also somewhat translucent.  Ugh!
I painted this in Arles and Emile, with clear and dark wax glaze to finish.  Though I didn't distress, I counted on the naturally flaws (from the over sprayed previous finish) showing drips and dribbles and runs to show off the piece.  It sure was a huge transformation and for the good!

So click on any pic to enlarge to see it better.  Please comment so I know what others think of these pieces.  Feel free to share on fb too.

7/19/2012 07:59:06 am

I like the purple and yellow piece the best. It looks so eloquent. Glad your Florence piece sold. I saw it at the Peddler's Mall and thought it looked real nice. Have you tried a dark wax with the Florence color? I think that would look neat too.

Norma Oliver
7/25/2012 08:51:29 am

The Mexican style piece has a dark wax glaze but it also has three other colors besides Florence. I would like to try that soon, has to be the right piece. It sold quick, which of course is good.


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